Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Study States and Capitals

There are many ways to study the 50 states and capitals of America. The most obvious is simple repetition until they have sunk in. This is often called "learning by rote". This is time consuming and very hard. Not surprisingly, people have tried to find fast, easy ways to study the 50 states and their capitals, and remember them for exams and tests.

It is arguable as to which is the easiest, but one method of study is to use a mnemonic. That is a phrase or sentence that links all the state or capital names together with an initial letter. You learn the phrase and each letter is a cue to the state or capital's name. You could try making up one of your own or use the one here Learn states mnemonic

The second method whereby you can study the American states and capitals (or capitols as some people prefer to spell it) is by word-association. This requires the student to memorize a numerically ordered list of visually stimulating objects and link the state or capital to it. There is a very good explanation of this technique here, Learn states and capitals

Whatever method of study you decide is best for you it is essential that you give it some time and apply yourself. "Rome wasn't built in a day" so be patient and it will come right eventually.

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