Sunday, 8 April 2012

States and Capitals of the USA ebook quiz

States and Capitals of the USA can be learned or tested with a quiz. In this downloadable for Kindle and other mobile devices including your PC you are given the capital, map location and state nickname. Click on the correct state. If you are wrong you will return to the beginning. You need to learn all the states to make progress. You can cheat if you like by using the forward buttons but your challenge is to learn all the states. Grab your copy of States and Capitals of the USA ebook quiz here.

 A similar ebook quiz States Postal Abbreviations enables you to check out your knowledge of the postal abbreviations used to direct mail around America.


Knowing the USA states and their borders makes understanding the news about America easier. When a state is mention can you picture where it is in relation to other states? Using The Bordering States of the USA interactive e-book quiz tests and increase your knowledge of the layout of the states.

A whole heap of free states and capitals stuff like worksheets and memory help can be found at Click here for a look.

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