Friday, 13 November 2009

Nicknames of the 50 states

Every state in the USA has acquired a nickname that the people think in someway enhances their state or communicates something it contains or makes a statement about the attitudes of the residents. The image brings a particular state to mind and helps in recall.

For example, South Dakota likes to be known as "Mount Rushmore state" as this
immediately gives hearers a mental image of the state. Most people around the globe have heard of this famous rock carving of the presidents, and the good folks of South Dakota are justifiably proud to have this great memorial in their state.

Most nicknames are as a result of common usage but some have been officially recognized by the state authorities.

A list of states' nicknames presented in columns with the states and capitals for convenient study is provided here Learn States' Nicknames for anyone wishing to study them.

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