Thursday, 12 November 2009

States and Capitals Games


Grasp the USA
Combines various games to teach and reinforce the states and capitals of the USA. Includes a jigsaw and time zone explanation. Grasp The USA

Animated States and Capitals game
A long-established, award-winning software to teach states and capitals in a fun and colorful way.

"A full screen clickable map of the U.S. is used in the software to teach names and locations of states and capitals in a variety of ways. When the student completes ten problems they are rewarded with a silly animation using 3D graphics."

Various other sections teach and reinforce knowledge of the states geography.
Flix Productions Educational Software.
Animated States and Capitals"

Online Games

Name That State Game - This is a colorful flash animation game where you drag and drop the name onto the state map. The state changes color when you are correct.Name that State Game

Name that State
The screen shows the map of the US with one of the states colored pink. You have a choice of state names and you click on the one you think is correct. Simple but fun.
Name that State

Test Your Geography Knowledge- USA. An outline map of the states of the USA with a series of questions. You click on the state map to answer. Helpful test to check and reinforce what you know.
Test Geography

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