Tuesday, 24 November 2009

States and Capitals Honeymoon

States and capitals as a subject to study can get a little wearisome so lets consider another set of US "capitals". Honeymoon capitals. There is no official backing for the terms but people have come to refer that way to theses favored places of retreat for that special time in your life The "Honeymoon Capitals" are Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Niagara Falls, and The Poconos in Pennsylvania.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This destination is adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where around 9 million visitors flock each year. Designated the "Honeymoon Capital of the South," it capitalizes on the magnificent scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains. It has plenty of places to stay and things to do.

The Pocono Mountains, Eastern United States

You have to be pretty confident to describe your homeland as "The Honeymoon Capital of the World"? If you live locally and witness the yearly arrival of more than 400,000 honeymooners to kick off their marriages you will not expect to be contradicted. The backdrops speak for themselves: over 2,400 square miles of forested mountains and valleys drained by cold, clear rivers spectacular waterfalls to create placid lakes,, and some of the most in the.

Niagara Falls

Another competitor for "Honeymoon Capital of the World." is Niagara Falls. The big draw is the famous falls to be found on the border between the New York State and Ontario, Canada. The falls are comprised of three distinct waterfalls: Horseshoe or Canadian Falls (regarded as the best), the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Many notable people have honeymooned here, including Napoleon's brother.

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